13 Creepy People Who Should Just Stop Going To The Beach Forever

1. Screw waiting until she's not looking.

2. Something tells me he couldn't care less about how absurdly obvious he's being.

3. Just lettin' it ALLLL hang out.

4. "Oh it is?? Oh, well then in THAT case…"

5. And on that day, there was no shame to be found. Not one morsel.

6. Still workin' out the kinks on his Woman Mind-Controller 3000

7. "Umm sir, we can see you, and you're scaring the shit out of my daughters."

8. Someone needs to tell him he's not Billy Ray Cyrus, and that it's not the '80s.

9. Just 126 pounds of unbridled man.

10. Not entirely sure if this man is wearing a bathing suit or not, but he is legitimately shaped like Peter Griffin.

11. Most people just go to the beach to catch some rays, or swim, but ya know, looking for sea shells in a Spiderman costume is totally cool too.

12. "Yeah…that's all real."

13. Japan, you come up with so many great things…this is not one of them.

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