15 Dudes With Absurd Sunburns That Are Actually Pretty Creative

1. The physique is what makes it so believable.

2. "Back in White"

3. Okay, this is borderline impressive.

4. Every time they play touch football, he feels the need to relive his high school glory days as a backup.

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5. I'm still trying to figure out how this one was made.

6. That's what you get for wearing Crocs.

7. Mom wouldn't let him get a tattoo.

8. And this guy just didn't have the money for one.

9. Time to apply that sunscreen a little more liberally.

10. This goes so far beyond a farmers tan. This isn't a sunburn. It's a damn shirt.

15. Looking like a Thundercat is actually a big step up from the whole body paint thing.

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