17 Photos That Are Preserving Excessive Levels Of Awkardness

1. We've all been there, cow.

2. This dad is NOT happy.

3. Clearly an example of poor planning.

4. Well, this is awkward.

5. It's ok, parties aren't for everyone.

6. Just a little off there…

7. She was looking so good before this!

8. Cake still seems good, I see no problem here.

9. NOPE! Never going on a bridge again.

10. What is more important, non-sticky hands or pancakes?

11. Well that might tell you all you need to know.

12. Kid, we've all been there.

13. Yeah, that seems about right.

14. Proof that you can NEVER trust anything you see online.

15. Shut it down.

16. Proof that high-fives are absolutely the worst.

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