17 Things Nobody "Likes" About Facebook

1. You get friend requests from kids under 16, and get super weirded out.

2. You remain friends with your ex on Facebook, just so you can stalk them.

3. For some reason, you became friends with the family members of friends, but you don't really know them.

4. You like to keep tabs on people from your past to make sure you're doing better than they are in life.

5. There have been times where you have wound up on some random person's page after hours of Facebooking, and you have no idea how you got there.

6. You probably see a ton of baby pictures (of babies that aren't all that cute…)

7. If you're in your 20s, your Facebook is basically just people getting engaged, and it's getting old.

8. You have that one friend who doesn't quite understand "Please don't upload pictures from the party."

9. You have one friend who is so outrageously hot, you just go look at his pictures when you're sad.

10. If someone you're into likes anything you post, that is the glimmer of hope you need.

11. You constantly complain about game invites, even though you play them all the time.

12. You have a list of people who you remain friends with, but don't actually share anything with.

13. You have a couple friends who, for some reason, think it's still hilarious to poke you, even though it's not 2008 anymore.

14. You're friends with people you met drunk at a party one night, and now you just have to wait the appropriate amount of time before you can unfriend them.

15. You have that one friend on Facebook that you don't actually know, but you can't delete because they're super interesting.

16. You see people who don't fully understand how Facebook works, and just sit there shaking your head.

17. You have a friend you absolutely cannot stand, but you remain friends with just for the outrageous entertainment they provide.

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