19 Weird Animals On The Verge Of Extinction. Can We Please Save #3? It's Too Cool To Lose

The Florida Panther:

Despite it’s name, it’s actually a type of cougar that lives in the swamps and forests of Southern Florida. As cubs, their coats are spotted, but fade over time. Due to poaching and car accidents, it’s believed that there are only about 160 left.

The Slender Loris:

They have only been spotted 4 times since 1937 and were thought to be extinct until 2002. They can be found in Sri Lanka, but numbers are still dwindling due to the belief that their fresh and body parts can help cure leprosy and provide protection from curses.

The Bumblebee Bat:

These tiny bats live throughout Thailand and southern Burma inside limestone caves. They’re about 1.1 inch long and weigh only 2 grams. Due to human development in the region, their numbers have been significantly reduced.

The Proboscis Monkey:

Found only on the island of Borneo, these monkeys with large bellies and noses have been victims of deforestation, which has taken their population down 50% in the past 40 years.

The Snub Nosed Monkey:

These monkeys are found in Asia at heights of about 13,000 feet. They’re rarely spotted and deforestation has had detrimental effects on their population.

The Axolotl (The Mexican Salamander):

These tiny amphibians can be found in central American lakes. They’ve been on the endangered species list since 2010 and a recent study in 2013 was unable to find any in the wild.

The Saiga Antelope:

اضافه کردن نظر