20 Marriage Proposals That The Only Right Answer For Is No

1. Nothing like making her think you died.

2. Meh, I'll just have the pizza.

3. Um, I don't think Lindsay can see that…

4. In a cake, sure…but in a chicken sandwich?

5. I have to say, he does have some talent…

6. Again with the fast food?

7. Let's just hope she waited to eat the pizza…

8. Nothing more romantic than graffiti

9. Well, I hope the force was with him.

10. Ok, this one is so nerdy it's cute.

11. Spelling is hard…

12. This probably worked really well if he was standing on his head…

13. After the amount of time this took, I sure hope Steph said yes.

14. Walmart is apparently very romantic to some people.

15. I guess he knew what he was getting into…

16. He better hope she said yes, because this would be tough to explain.

17. Sometimes you need something a little extra to get your point across.

18. Who doesn't love their car vandalized a little bit?

19. Ah, the 21st century.

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