27 Dogs Who Just Can't Behave and Are Getting Put on Blast for It

1. The dynamic duo:

2. The lovebirds:

3. The vaseline lover:

4. The gas issues:

5. The dog that is taking some serious advantage:

6. The sweet tooth:

7. Another tag team:

8. The cutie who loves his kisses:

9. This naughty guy:

10. This chewer:

11. The joker:

12. The sh*t head:

13. The hungry, hungry hippo:

14. The money eater:

15. The happiest dog out there:

16. The atheist:

17. The hedgehog dog:

18. The licker:

19. The grinch:

20. The shaggiest of all shaggers:

21. The house ruiner:

22. The Buddhist:

23. The siblings who bond so well:

24. The dog who has really important things going on:

25. The shameful confession:

26. The trashy dog:

27. The biter:

I think these dogs need to take a lesson or two from this amazing dog who not only probably doesn’t ever misbehave, but he can also bark using his indoor voice…Check it out here!

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