All Wes Anderson Movie Fans Will Appreciate This Artist's Fantastic Tribute

Alejandro Giraldo lives and works, for the most, part in Medellín, Colombia as a freelancer.

The Characters of Wes Anderson by Alejandro Giraldo

He has his MA in Art Direction from Elisava, The Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

His Wes Anderson series is a really cool tribute to Wes Anderson and all of his amazing work. If you haven't seen any Wes Anderson movies, you should know that they are usually quirky adaptations and really fun for the actors involved.

One of his more recent movies, The Grand Budapest Hotel, won a bunch of Oscars this year at the 2015 Academy Awards, including: Best Achievement in Costume Design, Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, and Best Achievement in Production Design.

If you watch the trailer for the Grand Budapest Hotel, you might get a better idea of Wes Anderson movies and how it would be fun for someone like Alejandro Giraldo to do this tribute.

For more work by Alejandro Giraldo be sure to check out his Website and FaceBook 

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