Ditch The Plain Old Coffee Mug And Check Out These 21 Hilarious Ones

1. When you manage that grill just perfectly

2. For those times you're convinced you're living in a video game

3. When you're able to save yourself, thank you very much.

4. Hodor! Hodor hodor.

5. When you finally get the courage to do it!

6. When you get that job you've been hoping for.

7. When you know you're going to spend all day in bed watching Netflix.

8. When you realize you're so smart, everyone wants your brain.

9. When your daughter turns 20-years-old.

10. When you know how great you actually are.

11. When you end up buying actual veggies.

12. When you go to a museum and you actually get the art.

13. When you do something just perfectly.

14. After you climb Mt. Everest, but you know the true accomplishment there.

15. For when you take care of your bodily functions.

16. When you make the absolute best coffee in the world, and you know it.

17. When you wake up after another night with your awful roommates.

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