Lane Bryant Has One Simple Message for Women of All Shapes and Sizes…You're Accepted

This new Lane Bryant ad came out to showcase beautiful women of all shapes and of all sizes. Their go-to hashtag? #ImNoAngel

Video Source: Lane Bryant

“The women who wear Cacique know that sexy comes in many shapes and sizes,” the website said. “They’re no angels—and they own it. Join the women who are redefining sexy by posting your personal statement of confidence using the hashtag #ImNoAngel.”

This is a recent Victoria's Secret ad that ran and gained a lot of public backlash for the way it portrayed all women.

This is a Lane Bryant ad on a subway car with the hashtag, #ImNoAngel written over it.

Here is an ad of a Victoria Secret model

You can see how Lane Bryant seems to be almost fighting against the message that Victoria’s Secret is trying to send. This isn’t the first company to do something like this, we recently had another article written about the same situation. See that story, here.

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