There's A Village In Indonesia Made Entirely Of Bamboo, And It's Incredible

"Green Village" is a multi-story apartment complex, made almost entirely out of bamboo.

Elora’s inspiration for the massive natural structures came from her father’s design for the all bamboo K-12 school, "Green School," also in Bali.

It may look a bit unstable at first glance, but make no mistake, bamboo is one of the strongest materials in the world.

Bamboo has the compressive force of concrete, and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. On top of that, because of its hollowness, it’s also exponentially lighter.

Not only is it remarkably strong though, it's also one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

Hardy, who as mentioned before, was inspired by her father’s building of The Green School, says that he “chose bamboo for all of the buildings on campus, because he saw it as a promise,” she explains in her TED talk. “It’s a promise to the kids. It’s one sustainable material that they will not run out of."

It also happens to be incredibly beautiful.

Together, between the Green Village and the Green School, Elora and her father John call their gorgeous and colossal bamboo commune "Ibuku." "Ibu" meaning "mother," in Bali’s local dialect, and "ku" meaning "mine." Translated, it means, "my mother," a reference of course, to Mother Earth and her resources.

Bamboo has been used in the Tropics as a building material for centuries upon centuries. Except up until now, bamboo was easily weathered, and incredibly susceptible to bugs, like termites. Now, Hardy and her father have all of Ibuku’s bamboo carefully treated with boron salt, which makes it impossible for bugs to digest, and greatly mitigates wear and tear from the elements.

Together, Elora and her father are shedding light on the power and beauty of bamboo…

And showing the world, just how underused it truly is.

Check out Elora's TED Talk:

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