These 23 Bears Behaving Like Humans Will Make You Die Of Laughter. #8 Is A Kung Fu Master

This polite neighbor is always waving to passersby.

This bear is pondering the meaning of life.

This one is obviously the big baller in the family.

This girl just wants to lay out and cool off in the rain. Don’t we all?

This one enjoys long strolls by the side of the road.

This bear makes sure that she stays up-to-date on the latest news.

And humans aren’t the only ones who have arguments in the family.

Keep your distance with this one, he’s oftentimes practicing on his Kung Fu.

And you’ll always catch this guy ready to get turnt for da club.

This bear is all about HUGE neighborhood cookouts. He really OWNS that grill.

This bear just remembered all of the embarrassing things he said and did last night when he was drunk.

Hide-And-Seek is a favorite past time for this little one.

This guy is still looking for more tetherball partners.

“I’ve gone fishin’, yall.”

Bears are known to take a taxi when running behind, too.

Going jet skiing and spending summer days out on the lake is all this guys does on his time off.

This sporty girl understands the importance of stretching before a run.

Anybody up for a ride? Here…let me grab that back door for you.

Like humans, bears are fans of relaxing in hammocks, too!

They said he could be anything, so he dropped out of college and pursued a career in photography.

No big deal, just taking the kids down to the park to get out of the house.

This guy forgot to take out the trash earlier.

And these two sure do think that it was polite of you to stop by and say hi!

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