These 35 Yearbook Pranks Will Have You Skimming Yours For Hidden Gems

1. This incredible acrostic snuck into the yearbook.

2. This perfect quote.

3. Connor, who got exactly what was coming to him.

4. This advice we don't suggest you follow.

5. This quote that apparently no one completely understood.

6. These great props.

7. This lion!

8. Zuzanne who is prepared for her quest.

9. Paige, who realized something amazing.

10. This guy who was thinking ahead.

11. Aaron's…unique interests.

12. Brandon, who has a whole lot going on here.

13. Matt's theory.

14. Man, Bat.

15. Adam Sandler's yearbook signature.

16. John and Lucy, who have VERY different dreams.

17. This terrifying nurse.

18. This expert shade throwing.

19. These twins who had the perfect quotes.

20. This excellent teacher picture.

21. Fuck bitches, get money.

22. Kevin's motto that tells you a lot about him.

23. This guy who tells it how it is.

24. This very unlucky guy.

25. Whatever is happening here.

26. This sad truth we all know to be true.

27. This seeing eye dog that got his own spot in the yearbook.

28. This fun yearbook game.

29. This notice for everyone.

30. This way of life.

31. These very coordinated teachers.

32. William, who loves chain mail.

33. This incredibly tall hair that forced the photographer to zoom way out.

34. Sigourney Weaver's photo and quote.

35. And Ronald, who may be the nicest guy in the world.

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