This 5-Year-Old Desperately Wanted A Toy That Didn't Exist, So Her Dad Made Her One

This is Honey Lemon, a character from Big Hero 6, and 5-year-old Sophia's favorite character.

Honey Lemon caries with her a "chem-ball purse." Marvel and Disney don't sell a version of the purse, so Brendan decided to make his own for his daughter.

The purse is made from foam, and Lee said it was difficult to figure out…

Especially the design of it.

After the case was made, he found all the pieces that would have to go inside.

The purse had to light up…

And boy did it!

The father and daughter pair even took the purse to Comic Con in Philadelphia.

The purse even has a hole that has a magnet that holds Honey Lemon's "chem-ball."

The finished product looks pretty incredible, and very similar to the movie.

And Sophia Looks pretty incredible wearing it!

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