This Domesticated Baby Red Fox Sleeps More Than A Narcoleptic, And It's Adorable

Rylai is like the DJ Khaled of sleeping…

It's all she does.

After a while though, she may want to mix things up…by sleeping somewhere new.

Occasionally, if you're noisy enough, she'll wake up.

But then when she realizes you don't have any food, it's back to sleep.

The only thing that can truly lure her out of her small comas, is food.

Like your lazy college friend – asleep for group projects, awake for the lunch breaks.

All of the sudden, she's as alert as an ambulance driver.

*Awakens in a sleepy stupor…."What’s that smell." 

But as soon as she's finished, it's back off to dream land…

Until the next meal awakens her.

Oh how we envy you, Rylai, you privileged soul.

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