This Lisbon Group is Changing the Way We Think About Street Art

This incredible program bringing members of older generation into the world of graffiti is the brainchild of LATA65.

LATA65 ultimately offers workshops and history classes all revolving around street art. The origins of the art, techniques, and hands-on artistry.

The name comes from the Portuguese word "lata" which means "can."

The positive benefits from this creative group are multifold.

An entirely new generation of people are introduced to a new creative outlet.

Their eyes are opened to a whole new world of art previously far removed from them.

In addition to this, educating this generation about street art helps address some misconceptions about street art itself.

The program helps diminish the negativity surrounding the often ostracized art.

And the last, but not the least, benefit of the program…

It adds tons of new, fun graffiti around Lisbon!

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