You Do NOT Need a Thigh Gap, and Here Are 11 of the Most Awesome Reasons Why

1. Skinny is out, strong as F*CK is in!

Check out Instagram—notice any recent trends lately? You’ve probably noticed a ton of your female friends posting photos of themselves lifting, because that is the new jam right now. Strong ass females are the new supermodels, and if you already have some super sturdy legs then you’re one step ahead of everyone else! 

2. Your sex game is ridiculous.

The best sex is had when you’re physically able to do whatever your heart desires. Some trickier positions just aren’t going to be possible for women with tiny little tree trunk legs and no muscle there…and too bad for them—think about all the realms of sexual pleasure you’re going to be able to unlock that they cannot! 

3. This video could be you and your boyfriend…

…except you would be the one executing the WWE finishers on him! 

4. Thigh gaps are just…so ridiculously hard to achieve if your body isn't built that way. Why stress?


5. Big thighs = big butts, and everyone loves a big butt.

Nicki Minaj has been leading a big butt revolution, and now is the perfect time to flaunt the junk in your trunk. But all that junk wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have something to support it on, and that’s why thick-thighed women rule the world. 

6. If you drop your phone while texting on the toilet, your thighs will catch it!

Could you imagine the horror of an expensive smartphone slipping through your thigh gap? Count me OUT, please!

7. This is your cartoon doppleganger.

And I’m sorry…but she is WAY hotter than any Q-tip skinny Disney princess. 

8. Studies suggest that thick thighs are good for the heart (scientifically, as well as emotionally)!

The study suggests women with thighs too thin to have enough muscle mass have difficulty producing the proper amount of insulin, and this can lead to thin-thighed women having a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

Source: BBC

9. Thick thighs do a body good when the wind is blowin'…why would you want all that cold air down there?

10. You won't get tired from dancing at the club, or sore the morning after…your legs can last all night long!

11. OWN your body and you'll feel way better than if you spend your whole life trying to get someone else's!

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